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[WIP NPC mod] looking for help in a text correction

some time ago I've created a small modification to BG II - a joinable NPC, half-orc, barbarian, Ashar.
You can read about her there -
Just download, install, and play! Well, at least, you could do it, if you know the Polish language ;)

I started to translate her to English and at this moment, everything is (almost) ready, but I need your help.
As you probably see, my English isn't great. Well, the last time I was learning it at the beginning of my studies and later I used it mostly in stupid computer games.

So, I need someone who would help me in a text correction, native speaker preferably.
I know, I know, I know, I ask for a big favor - text revision is boring as hell, but in exchange you will get a new modification, maybe it is worth a risk? :D

Ashar isn't excessively expanded, but she has everything what a "good" NPC for BG II should have (at least, I hope she has ;) ). It's about 1500-1600 lines of dialogs, most of them are short.
Any volunteers? :)

Greetings! Pozdrawiam!



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