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The Known World v3 Persistent World

Having just learned of this over the past weekend my group of friends and I have easily decided that we are going to rekindle our old persistent world "The Known World".

TKW lived for about 6 years in the prime of NWN, had 2 major versions, and a spin off world in NWN2.

TKW was, and will be a low magic, permanent death, hard core role-playing world with high levels of persistence, many custom systems and frequent DM interaction. We will be piecing together the best bits from both the v1 and v2 code bases and developing new code to create an all new world (set in the v1 timeline). If you ever played on TKW you will remember the rich stories, excitement, and feature filled world. We will be bringing all that back, and the new capabilities with faster servers, and 64bit on the roadmap will allow me to get past some of the limitations we ran into with the old 32bit NWN.

The old team is super excited to be able to relive some of our adventures and create new ones. Any old friends of TKW that see this can track me down here. New friends, adventures, builders and DMs will be welcome as NWN:EE get's closer to release.

Stay tuned for more info.


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