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How can I make Stale Mary show me the secret passage?

How can I make Stale Mary show me the secret passage? My charisma is 18, but there is no dialogue option available.

Hargrimm the Bleak already gave me permission to leave the place.


  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 352
    A teeny tiny little bit of googling:
    "With 16+ Charisma, the Nameless One can convince Stale Mary to reveal a path to the Silent King (grants 7500 XP). This is the only peaceful way to discover the Silent King's fate. She points the way to the northwestern alcove near her (X=420 Y=2620), where simply thinking of the Silent King opens a portal to his inner sanctum. (Charisma can temporarily be increased with the Friends spell.) This cannot be done if the Nameless One is already released from the Dead Nations."

  • fetito666fetito666 Member Posts: 107
    Ummm, ok, so there is NO peaceful way to enter the Throne Room now?

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