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IWD:EE achievement hunting party (Best for getting the most?)

I've beaten Icewind Dale plenty of times and now with the Steam achievements released... I think it's a perfect time to return to the northern parts of Faerûn.

However, most of the achievements are hidden and mysterious at this point. I have a guess that some of the achievements may require specific class to get them. I remember Baldur's Gate II had alot of class specific achievements that required multiple playthroughs (mostly because of guilds). So it won't be surprising if Icewind Dale had some too. There are plenty of quests that can be completed differently if you have a specific class with you so who knows if one of them had a little achievement inside.

For example.

Bard - When talking to the singing elf in Easthaven
Druid/Ranger - Ogre in Kuldahar Pass
Paladin - I remember there was one part with bunch of slaves and you can successfully demand to free the slaves as Paladin for lots of XP.

I need some help to remember if there were any other classes or even races that can make a huge difference in completing quests.

Right now my party-plan for the achievements;

Paladin (for specific quests and Epic Warrior-achievement)
Ranger or Druid (for specific quests)
Cleric (for specific quests and Epic Priest-achievement. Also I can't live without cleric in my party)
Bard (for specific quests and Epic Rogue-achievement)
Wizard (for Epic Mage-achievement)
Elf Fighter/Wizard/Thief-multiclass (for Ultimate Warrior-achievement)

This is all for fun of course. Last time I played and completed Icewind Dale was in 2014 when the IWD:EE was released. The achievements put me in the mood to start the game again and play the game a bit differently. For example. I've never thought of using Fighter/Wizard/Thief-multiclass for the elf, but with the Ultimate Warrior-achievement it's giving me an interisting challenge and see if this multiclass is actually worth anything at all.

Happy hunting!



  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 235
    I put together a guide for most of the achievements already. It's on Steam now if you want to look through most of them (missing three of the hidden ones). I posted a link to it in the Icewind Dale section. Good luck on the hunt.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,984
    the only achievement im missing at the moment is beat the game on HoF mode, for me, i struggled to get the story mode one, as Heavyline said, it's a bit buggy, but if you start a new run, and play nonstop from start to finish and never reload then beat the game, you will get the achievement

    hopefully i get the HoF achievement on the current run im doing, since HoF is not a fun mode, and i would hate having to do it again

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