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Hiccup in using the server vault with NWN:EE?

Hi there,

Two things. On my server machine I have the playervault in the "servervault" folder with various logins there. I tested to see if I can go onto my own server and use my old characters, and there seems to be a security feature in the way? As I login with the same account and the characters do not show. I am assuming this is on purpose. How can I load those characters (.bic files) now for myself and other returning players to this server.

Secondly, I am using NWNX to reload the server if it crashes, I suspect that will work. - However I briefly saw a link leading to a resource on how to take old PW servers and get them up and running with Enhanced Edition so that the CDKeys and Logins work with the authentication server... I cannot find that anymore, can somebody point me to it?

I am looking to keep running this server called "The Revenent Isles" Or "TRI" for short, it is a re-upload of Isles of Styss an old Social PW which had a mix of PVP and Social Roleplay. It was very popular in its day however it got stagnant and arguably phased out a lot of the assets it possessed that made it unique!

Best Regards,


  • omedon666omedon666 Member Posts: 48
    edited January 2018
    Hosting NWN:EE through currently supplied infrastructure is indeed broken as heck right now. None of my people can connect to each other in any way, and I assume that any games I'm seeing listed in "BeamSpy" right now are on those games' own architecture powered by unintuitive, unrelated witchcraft.

    Headstart is headstart. We really can't get out the torches and pitchforks for a fully functional game until 1.0 or a specific "all clear" from beamdog, particularly while multiplayer is notably and specifically on the operating table at the moment, and was left on the table for an understandable and well earned holiday vacation period.

  • CatharsisCatharsis Member Posts: 10

    I mean I have been able to get onto NWN:EE servers, although I notice trying it through the history panel doesn't work and is rejected but from the main page is accepted.

    I looked at the servervault again after creating the account and I can surely see that there was an account like the last 5 characters of a CDKey. I looked into it and it was the new account I've made. SO. I copied and pasted my characters from the previous account into that and it's good now. However there seems to be no automatic way to do this? I re-iterate again, I SAW a page on here that probably talked about this but for the life of me I cannot locate it again xD So forked.

    Best Regards,

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