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Is inventory management hardcoded?

bleusteelbleusteel Member Posts: 524
I’m toying with the idea of writing some code to help with inventory management. I’ve looked around a bit but haven’t found the answer to my title question.

I would like to have an item retrieved from the ground placed directly into a container for that type of item. Gems into gem bags, scrolls into scroll cases, ammo into ammo belts and everything else into bag of holding. If those containers aren’t in inventory, or they are full, just put the item into a standard inventory space.

Thanks for your time and Happy New Year!


  • Contemplative_HamsterContemplative_Hamster Member Posts: 844
    edited January 2018
    This would indeed be a blessing. Inventory management, feck! "Sorry, CHARNAME, though Minsc be ever so strong and Boo ever so crafty, we can't put that suit of armour in our pack, uhm because remember that shiny pebble we found a while ago? It takes up all available space. No! Do not look! Boo lives in there, he is entitled to his privacy!"

    This is so sorely needed, I'd award your mod the name of Enhanced Edition if the name wasn't already taken.

  • bleusteelbleusteel Member Posts: 524
    Thanks, @Contemplative_Hamster !

    I don’t think it’s too intrusive but it would be helpful, particularly with gems and jewelry like you mentioned.

    If it can’t be modded, I’ll just open a feature request for it. The request would include an option to opt out, of course

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