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doing one last run from bg-tob (for a while) and could use some advice

So i've played the bg series to death, it's by far my favorite rpg. So i'm going to put it dwn soon and move on to IWD, but as a last hurrah i'll be doing one more run as a half-orc fighter cleric. It's one of the few combinations i have never tried. So my question is this. What it the most interesting of the tree temple strogholds avalible to you? )unless more were secretly added) i'm personally leaning twords helm but have no problem reconfiguring my bhallspawn of there are better options.


  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 478
    I think the Lathlander/Talos strongholds are fun, have to deal with various confessions then either kill a cleric of Lathlander or defend them from the Talos attack. I haven't actually done the Helm one, but i seem to remember Helm's version is to essentially mediate between the 2 other temples and prevent them killing each other. I guess what i am saying is they are all part of the same narrative, so it is fair to say just play the alignment/church you prefer.

    Personally i do not like Evil Clerics for the simple reason you control undead rather than explode/turn them, situationally more powerful, but you actually get the most spell options as a Neutral cleric. Most of the time i play a cleric i pick a neutral version and Keeper it to Talos, that way i can get the most spell choices, still turn undead, but keep the Talos abilities which i find pretty useful. The resistance buff is amazing, means you don't have to waste multiple spell slots on Prot.Fire/Lightning etc. I would say Lathlander ability is probably the most potent, but since you are going with a fighter/cleric, eventually you can reach 10 APR anyway (depending on mods), making it somewhat redundant if you use the WK Gauntlets and apply true grandmastery from tweak pack.

  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 377
    I'd say just go with the alignment you like best; the only real "downside" to not picking Helm is that you have to walk a little further to stash stuff in your room at the temple.

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