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Things that would look good on patch notes

lujolujo Member Posts: 236
Here's a thread for things which aren't necessarily bugs (or even are) which would be very nice to see patched in the base game.

-- Ingres' teeth involuntary shapeshifting.

When you make them magical or improve their magicness they revert to crushing damage. If you don't know this, you're stuck with morte doing crushing damage which you probably don't want. If you DO know this you have to click them again to change them to piercing.

-- Abishai respawn "off screen".

When you kill Black Abishai in the Hive, many of them respawn quite a bit off the edge of the map. Many times you can't even see them, maybe just the edge of it's foot, and they're deep into the "click to leave map" area. It'd be very nice if these guys respawned where they ussually spawn, in the proper walking area, like thugs do.

EDIT: More in-depth: the new "autoloot" feautre obscures the bottom edge of the screen even when fully zoomed out, and that's where 3 of the 5 Abishai respawn (and often get stuck), so you can't even see them if it's turned on.

-- Being able to sell multiple Cranium Rat tails at once

Really. Having to click through huge stacks of them one by one if you want to sell them is a pain. Making Phineas T. Lort in the office of vermin control have dialogue options for getting rid of 5, 10, 20, 50 depending on how many you have in your inventory would be a big QoL improvement in this regard.

-- Journal/Quest entry for finding out about the Decanter of Endless Water

When you solve the quest you got from Glyve, the Face in the Stone in the catacombs, one to bring him the decanter of Endless Water, he then tells you to seek Nemelle for the command word. This doesn't get a journal or quest entry, and it kinda should.

-- Some disambiguation between Dirty Rat Charms and Cranium Rat Tails

One of the many confusing things for new players, and PST always has them, is that Dirty Rat Charm and Cranium Rat Tail look exactly the same. If anything at all could be used for the graphics of the Dirty Rat Charm it'd be very nice. Even just rotating the same image or mirroring it left to right, or anything.

It's all further complicated by people asking for Cranium Rat tails and there being a Cranium Rat Charm which isn't what the people are looking for.

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  • QueegonQueegon Member Posts: 363
    lujo said:

    -- Ingres' teeth involuntary shapeshifting.

    ... you're stuck with morte doing crushing damage which you probably don't want...


    Why? I didn't notice any crushing-resistant enemies. Plus he's pretty much the only NPC that deals crushing damage apart from TNO as a a fighter with hammers.

  • lujolujo Member Posts: 236
    If you changed his teeth to do piercing damage, then you don't want them to do crushing damage and the game doesn't inform you that the teeth reverted when you magic them up is what I wanted to say.

  • lujolujo Member Posts: 236
    New batch:

    -- Being able to use the Charm of infinite recall from inventory

    If you're looking to identify items, you're very likely looking to do it from your inventory. Using the Charm of Infinite recall right now gives new meaning to the term "click inflation", as you have to put it into the quickbar, then exit the inventory, then click the "use item" bit of the interface, then click the charm, then go back to the inventory. And it could all be just 1 click

    -- Whispering flasks stack + Dak'kon starts with a regular whispering flask

    Really, it doesn't sell for much, no need for him to start with a special one, and there's deffinitely no need for them not to stack. They even have little numbers as if they're supposed to stack.

    -- Health regeneration not working while traveling between locations using the quicktravel map

    This might even be a genuine bug, but it's a very easy way to heal people up instantly and effortlessly. Probably shouldn't be happening, and it seems to be randomly healing up people to full even though other people have the same regen rate and don't get healed to full during the same "trip".

    -- Spells interrupted by choosing a different action mid-animation get "spent"

    What happens is that if you move, attack or issue another command, even by accident, the spell doesn't get cast, but it will be spent (whether it's an item, item charge or daily spell slot). This is very, very annoying and unfair towards the player for several reasons.

    1) There's a mechanic for spells failing allready, and that's fine. 2) Spells have wildly different takes on what makes the spell "cast". So actions which would interrupt something wouldn't interrupt 10 other things. 3) Issuing orders mid long-ass spell animations is practically necessary because standing there while, say, Adder's Kiss finishes it's animation can and will get you killed. 4) The vancean spellcasting system really constrains you on how many spells you can cast (especially for Ignus who's a mage but can't use tatoos or earrings which severely limits his spells per day). Being able to lose them to a technical thing which is te correct move in most cases is just bound to make players feel bad.

    -- Adder's tear animation speedup

    For the love of all that's holy, this spell needs it's animation sped up.

  • lujolujo Member Posts: 236
    edited January 2018
    Here's a small bundle I'd pay actual DLC money for:

    -- Pickpocked items stack in inventory if appropriate

    Like when you loot it, so it doesn't take up 2 slots in the inventory but stacks as it totally should anyway.

    -- Pickpocketed money added to the total automatically

    Instead of buggily taking up coin shaped inventory space you have to click on to free it up.

    -- Stuff you loot/pickpocket automatically stacking with quickbar items, too

    Like various charms, bolts, etc. So they don't take inventory space for no reason and there's no click inflation.

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