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[HELP] SCS Solo Sorcerer vs Belhifet can't beat.

wards_kryptonwards_krypton Member Posts: 2
My thaco is to low to hit him with my +3 weapons. Melf's Minute Meteors is only +2 in scs, I even used the Enchanted Weapon spell with it to make it +3 but I just keep missing.

Dex is already at 25 with Mind Focusing potions. Thaco is already improved with Potion of Power.

I tried using Fire Shield Blue, it does 3-5 cold damage although I think he sometimes resist it. Should i keep at it ?

Playing on Insane difficulty. If guys have any tips, thanks. Also I don't think SCS changed anything drastic with the Belhifet fight, just their ai.

Damn just noticed I posted this in BGEE forum and not in th SoD one.


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