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Demogorgon: modded version or bugged?

gustavojunggustavojung Member Posts: 21
Hi guys,

i'm playing a solo run with a gnome cleric/illusionist and i'm against the demogorgon. I don't know if i'm facing a bug or if i'am facing the consequences of some mod i have installed with BWS. I want to describe you the situation:

is immune to level 5th and lower spells (as usual)
is immune to pierce shield and pierce magic, or better, these spells work only one time (i cast them, i can hit him for 1 round with energy blades, then he cast stoneskin. if i cast those spells a second time and try to hit him, he keep the magic resistance in any it bugged?)
he summons new glabrezus even if i don't kill all those summoned in the previous wave (at some point there were 9 or 10 glabrezus around)

so, is that normal? it's a bug? or it's the mod?

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  • Joan_DaroJoan_Daro Member Posts: 109
    1) Originally he is not immune to level 5th and lower spells. He's immune to lv1~lv2 plus lower resistance and casts a globe of invulnerability when you see him.
    2) In original game after you've killed more than 2 Mariliths he tries to keep the number of Glabrezus greater than the number of your party. I don't know if summons are counted.
    3) You can't remove stonskin with pierce magic (obviously) and if I'm not mistaken, he resets his magic resistance to 90 every 60 secs or so, so it might be bad timimg.
    I'm not so sure about the reset-magic-resis thing, the fight never lasts more than 1 min for me and I can't remember where exactly did I read about that. Might be some random mod's doing.

  • gustavojunggustavojung Member Posts: 21
    thank you Joan,

    i tried to use breach and lower resistance on him but they didn't work (because of his magic resistance), so i went on several forums in which was written that the guy was immune to level 5th and lower spells. it seems to be true for me. by the way, if he cast stoneskin being immune to breach...its a pain in the arse.

    talking about the "resetting" of magic resistance, he is vulnerable only for 1 round.

    if i could collect more opinions about his behaviour, i could discriminate the bug from the mod.

  • Joan_DaroJoan_Daro Member Posts: 109
    But both Breach and LR should ignore target MR ???
    Demogorgan is immune to LR (so only pierces can lower his MR) but Breach should work just fine (in vanilla). I don't know what BWP did to your game though. Does it contain some kind of spells revision?
    But (in vanilla) there is a kind of enemy stoneskin which can't be dispelled, and you can only remove it by actually making 10 valid hit. Amelyssan uses that kind of stoneskin, I'm not sure if Demogorgan also uses it.
    But he has -17 AC so... with or without stoneskin, my own cleric/mage just cannot hit him.
    You can try near infinity and look into his script, which could explain a lot.

  • gustavojunggustavojung Member Posts: 21
    thank you again,

    i remember that in BWS there was the possibility to improve various major monsters (including demogorgon) but i don't remember if i flagged it ;-)...that's the problem...

    in any case, if i did it, the mechanism doesn't work properly

  • InKalInKal Member Posts: 141
    just use traps. what is your lvl? Do you have wish memorised? pretty sure both your int and wis are maxed and you can wish with 100% accuracy. pre-trap the area, dispel him with ruby ray of riversal and/or khelben whip, ignore the summons under timestop and just kill him. you can always hide yourself, go upstairs and heal/wish.

  • gustavojunggustavojung Member Posts: 21
    i'm playing alone, i don't have a thief to set traps.
    anyway i solved the problem recruting sarevok, but i'm pretty sure that the monster it's bugged in my version.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,644
    if you want to dispel his stoneskin's use the wand of dispelling ( i think it's called?) its the wand where you can either use breach or pierce magic, regardless of immunities that wand will always work ( that is how i use breach on demogorgan) plus you can only use +3 weapons or better to hit him, so if you are using +2 weapons or lower, they will never work on him, i've never use BWS but i know in the original he is indeed immune to level 5 spells and lower and has 90 % MR plus he will cast aura of flaming death, which might be deflecting the energy blades, because if i recal aura of flaming death makes you immune to normal missiles and maybe for some weird reason it might be blocking out your energy blades

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