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5 Poor Characters

Just got the app for my tablet and it's been a long time since I have played. I usually am running 2-4 play throughs at once and one will be just exploring new content. One will be completing something I have never been able to do, solo every class. I have done all but one class has stumped me and I want to get it done. They have said all classes can be soloed but I have never been able to do a druid. They are so easy to get to the final battle but I have never been able to finish the finale.

The third play through is something that I started years ago an I made it to ToB but life got busy and this particular play through takes a looooooong time. Parameters are:
5 characters, no less. 6 would be fine but believe me, each added character makes it harder.
No repeated classes. Dual, multi is fine but if I run a fighter/mage/thief, none of my other characters can be a fighter, a mage or a thief.
Now the two kickers
No Items other than 1 non-magical weapon for each character. For the one golems that cannot be hit with magical weapons and to save a little time. Most of the time all of the characters I use will not have to use them. So poverty.
I will be running a sorcerer so I will have to handicap that because I have run solo, poverty sorcerers before and I think that it will make it too easy. A mage I can't make work in my head because of of the need to buy scrolls or at the least write scrolls that I find. So I will handicap my sorcerer instead.

Now to my questions.
If I limit my sorcerer to 3 needed spells per level and two really awful spells like Hold Monster or something, will that be enough of a handicap?

Also what about my party composition?
Sorcerer obviously.
Skald- It's song and spell ability are almost required. It will rarely attack and have no spells beyond level 4. I rationalize those because that is the max spell level that I used to be able achieve in Baldur's Gate 1. Before the vow of poverty.
Monk because it can do almost everything without any items.
Shapeshifter - that or Avenger but I chose Shapeshifter because it's more useful longer. With buffs and bardsong it will have -24 AC. The only thing that can hit that is a 20 role. A druid is necessary for summons and the discs.
Cleric/thief - now that is tough and I have thought of running one of each and forgetting the monk. Just to get the skeletal warriors quicker.
What do you all think?

Last question.
I am running this whole thing with the idea that anything that a character can make, can be used. Thief and bard abilities like scroll making, potions and bard wand. Wish items like wands and potions. Limited wish armor that sort of thing. Do you think that is pushing the bounds of the poverty or not? That the 2 wish spells will take up 2 VERY valuable spell slots is a huge handicap. Also level nine spells I will only use 2 good spells and 2 crap so... 1 spell other than wish. BUT ability spells will be there so... I don't know but that is my play.

Thoughts, tips?


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