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Quick importing Question.

can someone tell me how exactly can i import from sod to bg2?
ive read the wiki and says i only need the .chr file, others says i need the final save? so... what really is the "most" correct sequence step by step to import you character , some items, decisions, and probably my badassery from sod to bg2?


  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 961
    edited January 2018
    AFAIK there is no more or less correct way. You can do it in two ways:
    1. Go to your latest save in SoD.
    2. Click on Character Record.
    3. Click "Export" button and export your character.
    4. Go to Documents folder, then "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition", then "characters".
    5. Copy .chr file (I always also copy .bio file but I'm not sure whether it's necessary).
    6. Past file into BG2 "characters" folder.
    7. Launch BG2 and New Game. Choose "Import" option during character creation.
    This is what I always do. Alternative route is to:
    1. Launch SoA.
    2. Choose Single Player, then Import Game.
    3. Import latest save.

    EDIT: Okay, one more thing: decisions do not carry to another game, no matter how you import. Only thing that gets carried on is your character with all his/her stats.
    I quickly tested both methods and import was issue-free regardless of method.

  • kellykelly Member Posts: 9
    ill try it. i hope i get some items i looted in bg1 like the helm of balduran :wink:
    thnks btw

  • kellykelly Member Posts: 9
    edited January 2018
    btw.... they removed the legacy of bhaal difficulty in the latest patch? D: and the reveal details icon? ive watched the gameplays and some of them can actually choose LoB. but me.... i start the game after character difficulty options.

    btw... i read that i should have BD_HAVE_SOD variable in the globals. but... nothing. not a single sod value.

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