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Is there a setting to make local character saves overwrite instead of multiply?

So we finally have our quasi-persistent world up (again many thanks to those that provided tips and insights to get us there) and given that we're small and passworded, there was a communal request for local character vault for various reasons that would rock the boat of community morale for me to push too hard against... so please know ahead of time that I'm well aware of the ideal setting that is server vault. I was outvoted, that ship has sailed.

Anyway, on to my question: In a community as small, tight and trusting as ours, really the only downside of local vault is when all the iterations of one character start to pile up, especially at 40 where they all look the same from the login screens. Is there a way to fix this? The folks adamant about the local vault don't seem to find this a big enough issue to go server vault (where this isn't a problem), but being a formerly adamant server vault guy, I hate this problem. Is there an ini setting or something that will just keep the most recent version of a saved character?

Thanks in advance for any and all helpful replies!



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