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Build Some Areas???

thruddthrudd Member Posts: 96
Hi Maybe Someone can help me in this forum since I am a Dummy when it comes to Modding ... Is there a Program that would make me able to create new areas for the INFINITY ENGINE?? An Example would be ( I want to create The Snowflake Mountains area )


  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,590
    The DLTCEP has a very nice and rather practical tool to create maps from BMP images. All you need is the background appearance of your map (which is a the biggest part of the work if you ask me).

    Here's where you can download it:

    And here is where you can find an awesome step-by-step tutorial by Yovaneth on how to make maps using this tool:

    One thing that is not said, but you should know however:
    A standard, midsize character sprite is about 50 pixels high. When you create a TIS file, you can display the grid (64*64-pixel squares). A square is thus slightly bigger than a character sprite, so this way you can picture how big characters will look in your map, and make sure there is no scale issue (i.e. your character won't look gigantic or super small in your area).
    For now some of what I said might sound not very clear but that should change soon enough.

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