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Spells unique for rangers

LoldrupLoldrup Member Posts: 291
Here's some suggestions for spells only meant for rangers:

Free movement:
This spell allows the ranger freedom from the Entangle and Web spells. Duration: 12 hours
Casting time: 9 rounds

this spell allows the ranger to hide a person from view.
Range: touch
Casting time: 5 rounds
Duration: as long as normal invisibility.
The effect is dispelled if the target moves or attacks. Spell casting is fine, if the caster is under the effect of the Vocalize spell. However, casting a spell will reduce the maximum duration of the Hide spell to 6 rounds. (optional: if the hiding person casts a spell that allows a saving throw, and the target makes the saving throw, the hiding is disspelled).
The hiding spell can be disspelled by the same means as for Invisibility.
This spell is quite powerful, though it does come with some tricky restrictions. Try luring a bunch of enemies to a caster which has been hid this way..

Doubles the rangers movement speed. Duration: 2 turns.
Casting time: 3 rounds

Sets the rangers constitution to 19 + 1 for each 3 ranger levels above lvl8. Duration: 12 hours
Casting time: 9 rounds

Strong will:
Duration: 3 turns
Casting time: 5
Effect: should the ranger come under the effect of any mind affecting spell, after two rounds, the ranger will be allowed a saving throw every round. If he saves, he is freed from the mind spell.
Alternatively: after 3 rounds he is simply freed automatically.

Allows the ranger to produce 5 magical arrows. At lvl. 8 they will be +1, at lvl. 11 they will be +2, at lvl. 14 they will be +3, at lvl. 17 they will be +4, at lvl. 20 they will be +5.

It really is a pity that ranger casting doesn't start until level 8 :(



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