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UI mod for BG:EE

kaitenkaiten Member Posts: 16
Hey guys! I bought BG:EE recently and I want to start my adventure but first I want to mod my game. I've been looking for a good UI mod but I can't really find what I need. Basically I am trying to find is a mod like the Swankified HUD mod but for BG:EE / this one seems to be only for SOD/. I just want to clear my screen from these menus from both side while I use all the space around the action menu at the bottom of the screen. I also want to move the dialog menu to one side - I really hate it where it is now in the middle on top of my action menu and then having the extra buttons on top of it - it literally takes half my screen. If anyone can recommend anything similar to what I am looking for I'd be grateful


  • lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
    edited January 2018
    Hello @kaiten and welcome to the forums :)

    There is not a lot of UI mod, you can find a list here. I don't think there is one that match exactly what you want.

    But you can try to do it yourself if you want, you can find information on how to start here. If you only want to move stuff, you may be able to do it directly in game with the Edit mode. For more complicated changes, you will need to do some programming.

  • kaitenkaiten Member Posts: 16
    Thanks for the info ! I installed your UI mod with all the fixes and now I am trying to move the bars around the screen. It was easy at first but there are some complications with the dialog bar . I guess Ill just keep reading that UI thread because there seems to be alot of comments about the bars ^^

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