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Stories Bones Tell

I'm pretty far into this game and now I can't find a way to learn Stories Bones Tell. I killed Stale Mary long ago and don't have a save that goes back that far. Is there a way to still learn it without mary?


  • lujolujo Member Posts: 236
    edited January 24
    No, but there's a priest in the game who casts the "Speak with the dead" spell, which is the intended way of speaking with the dead. Stale Mary is just a shortcut for high INT characters. The "Speak with Dead" implementation is ATM quite fiddly, but that link there is the formal request for it to be adjusted for usability.

    The link also contains the short discussion on how to use it currently.

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  • Hi9987Hi9987 Member Posts: 3
    Do you know where I can find the Priest?

  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 423
    You might find one in a certain brothel in the Clerk's Ward.

  • Hi9987Hi9987 Member Posts: 3
    I'm just about finished with the game, but plan on playing as a different class for a new experience. Is speaking to finam's father even something I have to worry about. I was able to go on without speaking to him, and still got the dodecahedron notes to learn it. I also went ahead and got the receipt from iannis and am able to go into the Godsman foundry. I'm assuming that I could just skip speaking to his father. Does finam's father give you something that is a necessity, or am I fine?

  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 423
    I'm going to say that what you can learn from Fin is quite interesting, but as you have already found the alternative solution to this quest, it's certainly not neccessary to talk to him to progress further.

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