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How do I actually install the CEP with NWN:EE?

So this may seem a bit silly, but with their new layout I just haven't really figured out exactly how I install the CEP files. It doesn't seem to work right whether I actually install the files to the game's own folder (which I guess I shouldn't do anyway) nor is it working at least if I assume the exact same file/directory layout in the user folder. Opening any CEP module still results in an error about missing content whichever way I do it. I'm probably missing something simple that should be obvious, but I just don't know what.


  • MadHatterMadHatter Member Posts: 145
    You no longer put custom files in the installation directory. You now use Documents.

  • TheAmethystDragonTheAmethystDragon Member Posts: 86
    If you are only using NWN:EE, all the haks and such would go into the appropriate sub-folders in your Documents/Neverwinter Nights folder (haks in hak, modules in modules, etc.).

    If you already have NWN Diamond/1.69 and have the CEP in the correct folders there, you can modify your NWN:EE nwn.ini file (Documents/Neverwinter Nights/nwn.ini) and point it to your Diamond/1.69 folders (so you don't have to duplicate haks). I actually do this to point EE at my old hak, override, modules, tlk, portraits, and music folders.

  • NazoNazo Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2018
    Hmm. It seemed like NWN:EE had some folder differences. That was the problem I was running into. I guess despite the fact that it seems to have a different folder structure you're saying I shouldn't try to adapt CEP but just simply extract it exactly as-is straight in? The problem is, this is exactly what I would just absolutely swear I already did.

    Oh, and yes, to be 100% clear (I thought I said it in the first post) but I'm aware there is a user folder for most external content now.

    It's an interesting idea to change the INI, but this seems like it would be a bad idea in the long run. Once modules and haks implement some of the enhancements NWN:EE offers you're going to want them to be separate. If maximum space efficiency is the goal and you want to keep both, links may make more sense (whatever NTFS called their version of symbolic links -- I forget the term atm, but I think it was just "link" when it's a file and for some reason directories are treated differently.) I'm probably just going to remove NWN Diamond once I get this all working right. Honestly, NWN Diamond runs like crap on my computer anyway no matter what I do. To put it simply, I have an AMD card (best choice for what I needed other than this one game) and the old NWN and ATI/AMD videocards have been at war since after the end of the 9800 Pro era. Honestly though, I don't feel like NWN:EE was doing a lot better the last time I tried it (which was quite a few updates ago I guess. I get tired of dealing with this.)

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