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Request: Seperate Head / Hair Meshes & Add Facial Rigging

TrinitalTrinital Member Posts: 59
Feature 1: Seperate Head / Hair Meshes

Separate Hair / Head meshes so you can swap between hairs on the same head. With faces potentially getting an overhaul, it's going to become very clone army if we can't customize hair.

Not much else to say here. It would be nice if Hair was riggable or could utilize heavy pixel / shaders to flow or move more naturally.. but I won't get too picky here.

Also having helmets overlay heads and not replace them would be nice, then have the option to hide / overlay with hair.

Feature 2: Add Support For Facial Rigging

Seeing the new Aribeth model was really exciting. However during combat I was getting Uncanny Valley Vibes because her facial features were so static.

I think with improved models we should seriously consider uniformly rigging the head meshes to support facial animations. (It can be very basic, Rig the Eyebrow Ridge / Mouth / Eyes for blinking, basic lip syncing, facial reactions)

I know this sounds like a very Slow Burn / Large Endeavor. I wouldn't expect Beamdog to do all these animations. But if they are planning to overhaul the character models - at least design the heads with some kind of standard so that they could all use the same rig / weight paint?

Trent mentioned in the last stream that each skeleton has 128 bones to work with that. That should be more than enough to extend to the head model (Is the Head / Body considered a single rig or not? Wasn't sure based on his wording..)

NWN2 currently has this feature and it's incredibly useful for conversations / cut-scenes.



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