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[MOD] Ninja Kit v0.1

silversnuffsilversnuff Member Posts: 16
edited September 2015 in General Modding
The Ninja Kit Mod v0.1

I'm happy today to release my first mod and kit the Ninja! The Ninja Kit Mod (v0.1) adds the Ninja kit to the world of Faerûn. This particular version of the Ninja draws its main source of inspiration from the rulebook Oriental Adventures of the D&D 3rd Edition rules. Many of the HLAs created for the kit, used in BG2:EE, take their inspiration from a variety of sources. Please see the readme for info on the HLAs added. Overall I hope playing the Ninja kit adds an interesting and unique experience for players.

Compatibility: The Ninja Kit Mod (v0.1) is designed to work with the Enhanced Editions (BG:EE, BG2:EE, IWD:EE).

Things to look forward to (hopefully):
• Balance changes
• A new weapon type, shuriken
• New items
• Maybe a store
• Bug fixes

Ninja Kit Description:
NINJA: While some Ninja are little more than assassins, true Ninja's are masters of exotic weapons, tools of stealth, and strange ki powers. Ninja's are members of a secretive Ninja clan, the head of which holds absolute authority over the Ninja's life and death. They are sworn to secrecy to protect the identities of their clan members and must never reveal that they are Ninja. Despite their inclination to evil, Ninja believe strongly in a code of honor, and risk offending their family (and earning a death sentence) if they break that code of honor.

– Exotic Weapons: The Ninja may Specialise (two slots) in Katana, Wakizashi, Ninja-To, Scimitar, Shuriken and Dart. The Ninja may be proficient (one slot) in Long Sword, Short Sword, Dagger, Club, Crossbow, Short Bow and Sling. Additionally, the Ninja may attain mastery (three slots) in Two Weapon Style and can become specialized (two slots) in Single Weapon Style.
– May use the Poison Weapon ability once per day. Gains one use at level 1, one use at level 10, and an additional use every 10 levels thereafter.

POISON WEAPON: Each successful hit within the next 5 rounds will inject poison into the target, dealing an extra 2 points of damage per second with no Saving Throw (up to a maximum of 12 points of damage per hit). Moreover, if the target fails a Saving Throw vs. Poison, he will suffer 1 additional point of damage per round for 4 rounds.

– 2nd level: Gains the Evasion ability.

EVASION: At 2nd level, Ninja gain the power to evade effects that would normally hurt other characters. Whenever a Ninja is hit by a spell that can be evaded (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, etc.), the Ninja is allowed a saving throw vs. breath to completely avoid the effects of the spell. If the saving throw is failed, then the spell works normally, including a save for half damage if the spell allows for it. Evasion improves as the Ninja goes up in level, giving him
bonuses to the saving throw vs. breath (for Evasion purposes only). Keep in mind that Ninja 2 cannot evade their own effects, so mage/thieves should think twice before throwing a fireball at their feet. Furthermore, a helpless Ninja (i.e. under the effects of Hold Person) cannot use Evasion.

- Level 4: May use the Vanishing Trick ability once per day. Gains one use at level 4, one use at level 8, and an additional use at level 12.

VANISHING TRICK: As a swift action, the Ninja can disappear for 1 round per level. This ability functions as invisibility.

- Level 6: May use the Ki Charge ability once per day. The Ninja gains one use at level 6, an additional use at level 12 and a final use at level 18.

KI CHARGE: A Ninja with this ability can invest a portion of her ki into a single thrown weapon, such as a shuriken or throwing knife, and throw it as a standard action. The thrown weapon explodes on impact in a 10-foot burst, dealing 1d8 points of fire damage plus 1d8 points of fire damage for every four levels of the Ninja above 2nd, to a maximum 7d8 at 30th level. Creatures caught in the blast receive a save vs. spell to halve the damage.

- Level 7: May use the Thousand Faces ability once per day.

A THOUSAND FACES: A Ninja gains the ability to alter her appearance at will. For 1 turn, the character alters her physical appearance, gains +2 to all saving throws, and is immune to backstab.

- Level 8: Immunity to all poisons.
- Level 9: Immunity to charm magic
- Level 10: May use the Abundant Step ability once per day.

ABUNDANT STEP: A Ninja of 10th level can slip magically between spaces, as per the spell dimension door, once per day.

– -1 to backstab multiplier compared to an un-kitted Thief:
Level 1-5: x1 (no multiplier)
Level 6-10: x2
Level 11-15: x3
Level 16+: x4
– Sneak attacks (if 3E Sneak Attack is enabled) progress at a slower rate:
Level 1-5: +1d6
Level 6-10: +2d6
Level 11-15: +3d6
Improves by +1d6 every 5 levels, up to +6d6 at level 30
– Crippling strikes (if 3E Sneak Attack is enabled) progress at a slower rate:
Level 6-11: -1 to target’s hit and damage rolls
Level 12-17: -2 to target’s hit and damage rolls
Level 18-23: -3 to target’s hit and damage rolls
Level 24-29: -4 to target’s hit and damage rolls
Level 30: -5 to target’s hit and damage rolls
– May only distribute 15 skill points per level (30 at level 1) among thieving skills.
– May not use the Set Snare ability.

It has taken me longer than I thought to create this mod. I hope people enjoy it. If you have an questions or critiques I'd be happy to oblige them. I haven't tested the mod on anything but my mac so please let me know if it works on other platforms. I hope updates and bug fixes will be forthcoming on my end but I can't make any promises as to timelines.

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