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*Spoilers* Tracking and Rumor Entries - IWD:EE (A Work in Progress...)

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,581
I tend to collect all the tracking and rumors and put them in my journal. I think it is neat that they took the time to put all this lore in the game, that a lot of people tend to miss. I've copied some of these below as I do a playthrough of IWD again. Its still a WIP... I guess I'll add more as I finish it out if people care to see it. I posted once saying I think a great enhancement for these games would be that as you uncover a tracking or rumor entry, it'd automatically be added to your journal. But in case you aren't as obsessed as me, here's some interesting tidbits... I could probably pull them all out of the game files, but where is the fun in that?

Rumors (Prologue - Winter's Cradle Tavern in Easthaven):

- "A stranger clad in woodland garb staggered into town the other night and collapsed on the doorstep over at the temple. They say he was poisoned. His face was all purple and blue, and his tongue had swelled up so's that he eventually choked to death on it. Not a pleasant way to go if you ask me."

- "Strange lights have been flickering and flashing in the temple lately. At least that's what Old Jed would have you believe. More than likely it's the booze that's making the lights dance in front of his eyes. He just happens to be looking at the temple when it kicks in."

- "The town hero, Hrothgar, has been talking about forming an expedition into the mountains near Kuldahar. There's something strange going on up there, supposedly."

- "That bitter old man Apsel the Scrimshander said that he saw goblins in the south woods last tenday. He may THINK he saw goblins, but his vision's only worth anything when he's a finger's breadth away from a piece of Knucklehead."

- "I've heard that some of the caravans headed south over the Spine of the World have been attacked lately. Some say it isn't bandits neither, if you get my meaning."

- "Snowfall in the Spine of the World Mountains is particularly heavy this year. If it keeps up, the passes will be sealed for months."

- "I hear tell that a fellow over in Bryn Shander taught a tundra yeti to talk. Isn't that something?"

Tracking (Prologue)

(Notes made on tracks found in Easthaven):
As might be expected, most of the tracks here have been left by human adults and children. However, several tracks appear to be humanoid in nature, possibly left by goblins or orcs.

(Notes made on activity occurring within Apsel's workshop in Easthaven):
A distinctive scent and the presence of several gray animal hairs leads me to believe there was a wolf in this
building recently.

(Notes made on tracks found in the hills west of Lac Dinneshere):
A large number of tracks are visible in the snow. The depth of the tracks combined with the angle of the steps indicates a dozen or more orcs are in the area. Wolves may be nearby as well. Amidst the smaller tracks are
recent indentations that are much larger. Whatever made the recent tracks would have to be the size of an ogre. It also appears a cart was recently dragged through this small pass.

(Notes made on activity occurring within a cave located near several abandoned wagons):
Refuse left on the floor combined with the stench of body odor indicates the presence of goblinoids, probably orcs, in the caverns. Given the nature of orcs, they likely have spread throughout the caves, the most powerful residing in the central chamber. Trails of mud and water mark where objects were dragged across the cavern floor from the outside.

(Notes made on tracks found in the Kuldahar Pass):
A large number of tracks are visible in the snow. They seem to come from almost every direction, all converging on the distant community of Kuldahar. The tracks are mostly goblins, with a few orcs and a set of ogre prints moving towards the tower at the center of the pass. Recently, it appears the normally ordered war packs have disbanded and are wandering throughout the area.

(Notes made on activity occurring within a broken tower located in the center of Kuldahar Pass):
Judging by the smell of humanoid waste and hair, it is likely that an ogre recently took up residence in this tower.

(Notes made on tracks found in a small canyon north of Kuldahar Pass):
Hundreds of tracks indicate the recent presence of a band of goblins in the area. Some of the tracks are staggered in a way that leads me to believe a battle recently took place here. It seems as though the goblins attacked a pack of giant insects. Judging from the depth of the tracks, the goblins were likely weak and starving at the time of their

(Notes made on activity occurring within a cave in the canyon wall):
The smell of this chamber leads me to believe that it served as a lair for giant beetles.

(Notes made on activity occurring within an old mill on the outskirts of Kuldahar):
Humans were recently killed in this house, and goblins and orcs are likely to have spent a good deal of time here.

Rumors (Chapter 1- Root Cellar Tavern in Kuldahar):

"Everard still running the Temple of Tempus down in Easthaven? I hear he's not too happy about the post. Can't be easy for him to be kept so long from battle, keeping watch over a fishing town."

"This winter's been a season of evil here in Kuldahar - people vanishing, sudden storms, monsters sighted in the Pass - it's all going to get a lot worse before the year is done, mark my words."

“A lot of people have gone missing recently – one of them was Conlan’s boy, Sheemish. The next morning the whole town searched for the boy but turned up nothing. He was just gone. Vanished without a trace.”

"I heard you encountered some troubles in Kuldahar Pass, goblins and the like - you're the last group to make it through, and I doubt we'll be seeing any caravans or anyone else from Easthaven for quite a while. Snows have sealed the Pass up like a tomb."

"We've heard tell of goblins and ogres in Kuldahar Pass, but whoever's been taking off with our townsfolk don't leave tracks like goblins or ogres. I don't even know what kind of tracks they *are*."

"Giants have been spotted moving through the pass - in groups as large as *ten*, if you can believe that. Makes me wonder if the giants are preparing for war. If so, they'll make short work of Kuldahar unless the gods intervene."

"Seen any beetles in the Pass or in Easthaven? Hear tell, the Kuldahar tree draws them to the area somehow. Seen fire beetles, normal beetles, and even some giant varieties in some of the caves in the area."

"Think the south is bad? We've got our share of strange ones here in Kuldahar - Arundel's an old fellow who lives in town, long beard, talks to animals, kind of the local cackle-factory. Strange fellow, but still - he's harmless enough."

"We can make ale from the tree sap of the Great Oak of Kuldahar. It's warm like cider, and filling - the aftertaste is like, smelling a coniferous tree after it's been cut. It's hard to brew, though, and takes a while."

"It's said the ring of warmth around the great tree of Kuldahar is shrinking. Decent folk have needed to leave the outlying farmsteads and move closer to Kuldahar when the snows claimed their home. Maybe the Great Oak's dying - if so, it's the beginning of the end for Kuldahar."

“Saw one of those huge worms, carrion crawlers, once – near Kuldahar, by the road leading to the Vale of Shadows. When one of the townsfolk spotted it, it was having a feast on a caravan guard that had stepped out to relieve himself of his “traveler’s burden”. Me and some of the men got together and drove the damn thing off with arrows – those crawlers can paralyze a man with their tentacles, and if they do, it’s a long, horrible death watching them eat you, as you lie there… helpless.”

"Don't go stepping foot into the Vale of Shadows - it's not a place for the living, and as long as the dead mind their own affairs, we mind ours."

"Never been to the Vale of Shadows myself, but I've heard it's covered in shadows - it's like twilight there all the time, like the end of day. There is no good to come from the living setting foot in the Vale, and the shadows that lurk there are best undisturbed. Let evil feed on evil, that's what I say."

"Gerth was going on about one of the tombs said to be in the Vale of Shadows - says one of them's the tomb of Kresselack the Black Wolf. Terrorized this region years ago, he did, with a whole legion of soldiers, shamans and priests under his banner. Rumor has it he has a sword as large as a man, able to cleave enemies in half; the sword carried some enchantment that helped ward off the cold... but not the chill of death, I'll wager.”

"Dragon's Eye is a volcanic mountain to the north, with lava boiling in its belly. To hear tell, trolls infest the region - normal trolls inside the mountain and those damnable ice trolls infest the outside. Ice trolls aren't too tough, but you need enchanted weapons to hit them."

Tracking (Chapter 1)

(Notes made on activity occurring within the village of Kuldahar):
This area seems to be supernaturally warmed. There is nothing else that indicates why it should be in a state of summer when the rest of the pass is in the heart of winter. The trails and tracks of human residents are evident everywhere. Occasionally, I've found a large green scale, possibly from an unusually large snake.

(Notes made on activity occurring within Arundel's home in Kuldahar):
Even though this is obviously a house, there are no physical traces of habitation, nor are there tracks from a resident entering or exiting the building.

(Notes made on activity occurring within the Vale of Shadows):
This valley is saturated with a supernatural aura. Though it appears capable of supporting wildlife, virtually none is present. Tracks indicate the presence of large, ape-like creatures. Thick, coarse white hair leads me to believe that the beasts are native to the area and may be camouflaged. Aside from our tracks, it seems as though one human
traveler has been moving between Kuldahar and the Vale of Shadows on a regular basis. Judging from the shape and size of the tracks, the individual is a female human or half-elf. However, the depth of the tracks leads me to believe that the individual is traveling light, with little equipment or heavy clothing. This is noteworthy in that anyone traveling in this area without protection from the cold would be dead within hours.

(Notes made on activity occurring within an icy cave in the Vale of Shadows):
This ice chamber has been regularly visited by both yetis and a single human occupant. The human's tracks lead you to believe that it is a lightly encumbered female. There are no signs of battle or conflict between the human occupant and the yetis.

(Notes made on activity occurring within Kresselack's Tomb in the Vale of Shadows):
Your tracking skills reveal little about this location. The only evidence of life in the area is a small portion of torn cloth near the entrance to the crypt. It appears to be made of a fine, white fabric.

(Notes made on activity occurring outside the Temple of the Forgotten God):
There are many tracks here, both coming and going. It appears as though several dozen creatures charged into the temple. The deepest prints come from trolls, probably two dozen or more. They led the pack in, and were followed by serpentine creatures and humans. The serpentine creatures seem to have melted some of the snow in their passing, and were probably magically protected against the environment. A large pack of humans or humanoids waited by the entrance and killed a number of giant humanoids who attempted to flee from the temple. The attackers who waited at the entrance were all barefoot and extremely light. Some tracks even appear to be skeletal, possibly a battalion of undead. After a few hours of fighting, it seems most of the attackers withdrew from the temple and went back the way they came, into the mountains.

(Notes made on activity occurring within the Temple of the Forgotten God):
There are many tracks here, both coming and going. It appears as though several dozen creatures charged into the temple. Battles raged between troll and serpentine attackers against the human and verbeeg residents. In many places, the presence of troll blood leads you to believe the defenders were able to down, but not kill, some of their troll attackers. Given time to regenerate, the trolls and their allies eventually smashed their way through the defenses and moved deeper into the compound.

(Notes made on activity occurring within the inner sanctum of the Temple of the Forgotten God):
A significant battle took place here between human and verbeeg defenders and a large number of troll and serpentine attackers. The battle did not last long.

Tracking (Chapter 2)

(Notes made on activity occurring outside of Dragon's Eye):
There are many tracks here, both coming and going. Recently, a large number of trolls, large serpents, humans, and possibly undead left the area and returned a day later. You also see signs that lead you to believe that every few days, a small number of serpent creatures leave the area and move towards Kuldahar, later returning with humans.

(Notes made on activity occurring within the upper caves of Dragon's Eye):
Droppings on the floor indicate the presence of lizard men in the area. The warm temperature of the caverns would be a suitable environment for them, assuming they had enough food. Traces of unusually large webs and consistent waste lead you to believe that there may be unnaturally large spiders in the southern portions of the caves. Here and there, you also see bits of torn cloth and human hair.

(Notes made on activity occurring within a deeper network of caverns in Dragon's Eye):
The stench of this area is unmistakable. Trolls must reside in this cavern complex. In addition to the territorial claw marks on the walls and the all-too-abundant droppings, there are indications that giant insects might also live in the caves. Acid burns on the walls and floor reveal the presence of bombardier beetles. You also believe a large number of humans recently moved through the area towards the southwest caves.

(Notes made on activity occurring within Presio's lair in Dragon's Eye): These caverns stink of decaying human flesh. There is little evidence of any life in this complex. However, it is obvious that a large number of corpses are nearby

(Notes made on activity occurring within an Eldathyn retreat in Dragon's Eye): There is something odd about the nature of these worked caverns.Though there are signs of human residence, there is an unmistakable reptilian scent in the air, and you note several large green scales on the ground.

Tracking (Chapter 3)

(Notes made on activity occurring outside the Fortress of the Severed Hand): There are few tracks in this area. The only signs of life appear to have come from a single elven traveler, probably female, definitely heavily armed and armored. She left a few days after she arrived and was carrying far more than she brought in.

Tracking (Chapter 4)

Notes made on activity occurring outside Dorn's Deep): The tracks of many large orcs can be seen going into and out of this area. Their stance, stride, and angle indicate they must be orcs, but they are far larger than any orc tracks I have ever seen. Scattered here and there in the snow, you also find narrow tracks that are, in all likelihood, elven. There are, perhaps, a dozen in total.

(Notes made on activity occurring in Upper Dorn's Deep): There are few tracks visible in this area, as the floor is mostly stone. However, you do detect an overwhelming fungoid smell. In addition, some of the mushroom stalks in this area appear to have been knocked aside by some giant humanoid creatures.

Notes made on activity occurring within Bandoth's Tower in Upper Dorn's Deep): There are signs of human life in this area, but nothing else.

Notes made on activity occurring within a series of caves found in Upper Dorn's Deep): Telltale territorial markings indicate the presence of an umber hulk or a hook horror in the area. The smell of offal tips you off to the likely presence of orogs to the south.

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