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Quick question how to modify characters with Shadowkeeper

Hello everyone,

Some of you might have read my previous thread where I complained about having a hard time in mage fights with SCS installed (and not installing the breach tweak). I concluded that I'd better restart the game to give myself a more enjoyable experience (and who doesn't jump at every opportunity to start anew LOL). Thanks everyone who pitched in with ideas in that thread!

Anyway, so I figured I wanted to try a new party (I played evil party last time), or at least have Minsc in my party. I just love that guy. But I also want to have more or less the same power level as my old party so I figured I could essentially turn Minsc into Korgan (whom I used in my last party). However I have never really used shadow keeper previously. If anyone could give me some pointers how to "transform" Minsc the easiest into a berseker fighter I would be grateful. I imagine its not simply a matter of changing his class, because of appropriate TACO, saves etc.

Thanks in advance!


  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 641
    There are a few things you can do without too much worry, like increasing the amount of proficiency points he has in a weapon or changing his attribute scores.
    If I were you, I would not change his class.

    If you want to transform NPCs, your best choice is Level1 NPCs. Unfortunately the official version will not be updated to Enhanced Edition, but there is an unofficial version.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,884
    actually in theory it kind of is just as easy as switching his class over to berserker ( well first fighter than choose the berserker kit ) but a couple of things:

    if you change minsc over to a berserker he will not retroactively get his berserks per day, but he will start gaining them on appropriate level ups, so for example, if you changed him at level 8, he will not gain the level 1 and level 5 berserk abilities, but once he hits level 9 he will start gaining his berserk abilites

    next is weapon proficiencies, rangers cap out at 2 proficiencies points while berserker gets up to 5 ( at least in weapons ) so you might have to do some re-arranging

    also, because rangers need more XP to gain levels than fighters, depending on what level you change his class over he might "gain" a level or 2 because of the XP difference, so again for example: if you changed minsc at level 18 ranger into a berserker, then when you load up the game, he will have a level up because at the 3 000 000 XP mark, berserkers are level 20

    but beyond that, you shouldnt have too much craziness happen when you switch minsc's class over, i've done this before with my own characters and had no hiccups

    another thing you could do if you want is set Minsc's level to 1 and base HP to 10 and give him the berserker class kit ( and make sure base class is fighter ) and set it so he only has 4 proficiency points, then in game, use the cheat console and console in some XP and everything will fix itself to the level you bring him to ( although he will be missing out on one of his berserk's, but that is okay, once he hits level 9 he will have 2 which is plenty )

    so for example: set him to level 1, base HP 10, 4 proficiency points in EE keeper then in game set his XP to 250 000 with the cheat console, and this will level him up to 9, and all his saving throws will adjust for a level 9 warrior, he will gain 3 additional proficiency points, will gain 8 levels worth of HP and everything should be just ducky

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