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Which Game Versions to Download

I bought BG:EE quite a while ago (2013) thru beam dog. Little bit Later (2014/15) I got BG:EE2. Little while ago picked up SoD. At that time I had been using an old version of the client, but with SoD I upgraded the Client. So I have all 3 games showing up in the client.

Now I'm trying to do clean "installs" to put together a BWS installation, Kind of Silly question but I may be confusing myself.

If I "install" the SoD version of BG:EE that is in my client, there really isn't any reason I would need to download or installed the Original Standalone BG:EE (without SoD) version right?

I should be able to Install BG:EE SoD, and BG:EE2 and that will take care of the whole thing, right?


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    No, with SoD you do not need to worry about the standalone BG:EE.
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