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Multiplayer Party

perflolperflol Member Posts: 12
Hey everyone! Back for another round of Baldur's Gate funzies!!
This time around I'm thinking about doing a multiplayer game with five custom characters, leaving one slot open so I can do NPC quests or just invite, rob, and murder them ;)!!
Problem is I can't decide which classes to use arghhhh!!!
I spent pretty much the entire day creating characters buttttt I'm super indecisive and can't decide which ones to use haha. So I'm wondering if you folks wouldn't mind helping me pick? Would be awesome!! Here's what I've got so far;
Archer, Cavalier, Dwarven Defender, Fighter/Cleric (dual), Fighter/Illusionist (multi), F/M/T, Illusionist/Thief (multi), Inquisitor, Kensai/Mage (dual), Sorcerer, and Berserker/Cleric (dual). I'm thinking about also making a shaman and Druid as well just to have them, maybe some sort of thief kit also.
So yeah, spent all this time making characters and just can't decide where to begin!! Any ideas you may have please feel free to post its greatly appreciated!!

P.S. Sorry if this question has been beaten death and/or if this is the wrong place to ask, didn't know where else to turn for help!!

P.P.S. Playing on mobile so no cheats, no mods, and no SoD (yet). Intending to play through BGEE1&2.



  • Humanoid_TaifunHumanoid_Taifun Member Posts: 641
    Don't pick a Shaman. I just tried Shamans recently, and the class is just underwhelming.
    At first I thought I had found an exploit when I could dance even as Sanctuary was protecting me. But the summoned spirits will not fight until your Sanctuary runs out. Which is awkward because the enemy attacks them from the beginning.

    But more importantly, the Shaman fails on a number of points. 1) Any summons you have count towards your shaman spirit limit. 2) The spirits appear over a course of several rounds, during which the shaman has to be placed very strategically so as not to take too much heat while at the same time his spirits can be pulled into the action. Sometimes this can work out fabulously. But it's annoying every time, and (connecting to the next point) since the druid has more spells per day, he can just conjure up standard summons and cut the hassle short. Most importantly though: 3) Shamans don't get enough spells per day. A sorcerer works because he has just as many spells as a specialist mage. A shaman does not have as many spells as a druid, and especially he has not as many spells as a druid with a high wisdom score. Yeah, he can freely pick which spells to cast. But since a druid has so many more spells per day, even a little thinking ahead puts him way ahead of the shaman.

    As for fighter/clerics, I'm generally a fan of multiclasses because I like to send them into the action, and the fighter HLAs are really handy. I don't feel the least bit bad about using Shadowkeeper to add kits to such characters. My favorite is the dwarven defender/cleric, who can get his physical resistance up to the point where he doesn't even miss the Iron Skins spell.
    But a single multiclass cleric would probably be insufficient for a full party, so taking a dual- or single-class divine spell caster along would help. You've got two of them in your list, so I think you'd like that too. But remember that druids have those nice insect spells that you might really miss if you have only clerics with you.

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