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The Concept of Trials of the Luremaster is Unapologetically Bad (Spoilers)

HaHaCharadeHaHaCharade Member Posts: 1,447
I've always been kind of grumpy when it comes to Trials of the Luremaster. The story goes, even with Heart of Winter (which isn't the best expansion in its own right, but I digress) that IWD wasn't a long enough game. So in response, Trials of the Luremaster came out as a free expansion.

Problem: Icewind Dale isn't long enough.

Solution: We're going to add an expansion that.... teleports you out of Icewind Dale! Don't get me wrong, Anauroch is cool and all... but I just don't get why a game built around ice and snow and the wonder of the Spine of the World, whisks you away to a desert.

Heart of Winter also has similar issues - as do any games with the whole "Keyhole/Gateway" character mechanic. -- "I saw you in my dreams, come help me, wait go get stronger first." Blah. But at least it keeps you in and around the Ten Towns, and with the Jerrod piece, is related to the overall story. But you can never get back to areas again, another item in games I don't particularly like.




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