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A humble suggestion for the community regarding user generated content and modules

PhilAireyPhilAirey Member Posts: 3
Hello all

I have a simple but I hope valuable suggestion - a "Best of" community pack of community generated content (particularly modules but PW stuff is fine) to showcase the very best community work.

Many of us have work and/or family (or other!) commitments and limited time to search through the thousands of modules that have been written, but would be very keen to dip our toes in the water of the very best of the very best! A single, bulk, downloadable (optimally auto-installing!) curated content pack would be wonderful.

It might be a major selling point - you could even put it on the front page of steam or as a Workshop pack?

I do not have the background knowledge to pick which, of the 15 years of content, would be worthy - but given the small sizes you could potentially bundle hundreds in a single download. I also don't have the requisite technical skills to create an auto-installer, but if this is not possible then having all of the hakpaks and so forth in a single folder certainly would ease the pain of installation of dozens of individual files?

What do you think?

Best wishes



  • thirdmousethirdmouse Member Posts: 67
    edited March 2018
    Once the Workshop is up and going (by that I mean more populated), it would be better I think to use the Collections feature to list "best of" entries (perhaps plus a top hak for those specific things if necessary) vs bundling them altogether, as authors don't often agree to be bundled, might not want to be on Workshop, or might want to handle their own entries, etc. Since there are already community-made bundles (CEP and Project Q), I think you'd also be falling into the trap of just "creating another standard".

    Once something is already being hosted there, Collections allow you to subscribe to them all at once. It'd be nice if there was something similar for other places, especially since it'll be awhile before "all that's worth seeing" makes it over, if at all, but it's kind of a tricky subject. People are not likely to comment or vote on projects they're not individually aware of, or even recognize the author of.

    There's also the manner of deciding what is best, which will DEFINITELY generate some debate, hah!

    (Edit - that said, since I notice we are in the modules category, these would be a good starting place: Most Popular - Vault, or Most Popular "Historic" (IGN) and for those not on Steam wishing for a mod manager (since lists don't solve the many files problem), check out this project that I keep shamefully forgetting to link. )

  • PhilAireyPhilAirey Member Posts: 3
    That mod installer looks very nice, thank you! Yoink!

    Thanks so much for signposting the "collection" feature on Workshop, I hadn't seen that before. I really hope that as many people check out NWN : EE as possible - always have loved this game and some of the User content (particularly the PnP conversions) have been a source of great happiness.

    If you went "here's some of the best community curated hits we can find" I'm sure people would love it.

    I've just seen what some of you LEGENDS have been doing on the workshop - very humbling and grateful!

    Thanking you

    Phil (not the Kill Phil Phil, but the other one) :)

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