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Random Item Drop Trick!

I don't know if this is still a thing in the new version, but here's a trick I stumbled on back in the old days that may be useful to folks who are building....

I had a map in which my script placed "pick-up-able" items at random locations. I quickly discovered that sometimes the game would drop it on the top of a tree or somesuch that the players couldn't get to! Here's how I solved it:

I discovered that although the engine will put an item on a non-accessible place, it wouldn't allow NPCs to be put in such locations. So I created an invisible NPC that I called "Placer" or some such. Then when the script needed to put an item on the ground, I'd have it first put Placer there. He'd automatically move to the accessible part of the map, I'd then get his location, kill him, and then put the item at that location.

It worked smashingly!



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