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What is the best Human or Half human half elf Tank class?

And how should I go about building him?


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 2,913
    Not many enemies will be able to hit an enraged berserker wearing full plate and using a magic shield.

    If you want to go in for a bit more preparation then a fighter/mage can be just as effective (or more so towards the end of the game if you've acquired stoneskin). To get the best value from them as a tank though you need to not only use buffs, but regularly put armor on and off - to do that safely you either need good meta-knowledge or scout ahead with an invisible or stealthed character.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,217
    Given that the half-elves big advantage over other classes is their ability to multiclass it makes sense to go that route and build a fighter/mage.

  • tbone1tbone1 Member Posts: 1,811
    edited March 30
    Cavalier. The paladin kits are all damn good, but as a tank, the cavalier excels. You give up missile weapons (no ig deal for a tank), you have the alignment restriction, but you get:
    1. Paladin benefits, like Lay on Hands, Protection from Evil, etc
    2. Added resistance to fire, acid, etc
    3. Poison immunity
    4. Fear immunty
    5. Remove fear
    6. Combat bonuses vs demons and dragons (not a big deal in BG1, but later, ...)
    You can make a good case for the Inquisitor, and the Undead Hunter rocks in certain places in later games, but from start to finish in BG1, the cavalier is a really strong tank and requires very little management.

    EDIT: make sure that, for your build, you have 18/xx strength and high constitution; dexterity can be dealt with somewhat early in the game. Since 17+ charisma is required, you might as well make it 18 for certain small bonuses (quests, buying & selling, etc). The weapn can be anything, really, but for BG1 longsword is a good option, as is battle axe (you can use throwing axes, though I don’t as it feels like a cheat; YMMV), and two-handed sword has its advantages as well. Sword and Shield works for BG1. If you take the character through later games, Two-Handed proficiency and Dual Wield work, but make sure you choose one that matches your other weapon proficiencies.

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