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Adding/Modifying dialogue

CodeKillerCodeKiller Member Posts: 20

Just for fun I am trying to edit Winthrop dialogue to be able to show multiple stores at once.
Problem is that when I add more replies to the default one (when you already spoke to him one time) the lines does not displays and I cannot do anything.
I get the template from the same dialogue, State 2 Response 8.

So, I try to change the replies to State 2 (humour reply) to point to the 3 new ones but same thing, they do not display.

What I have for now :

The State 6 is like :

Response: Ah, aucune visite n'aurait pu me faire plus plaisir ! Fais comme chez toi. Si tu as besoin de quoi que ce soit, n'hésite pas à demander.
First response index: 17
# responses: 3
Trigger index: 1

Response 17 to 19 :

Flags: ( Text associated(0) Action(2) Terminates dialogue(3) )
Associated text: Magasin 1 (or 2 or 3)
Journal entry:
Trigger index: 0
Action index: 5 (or 6 or 7)
Next dialogue: None
Next dialogue state: 0

Any idea ?



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