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Alright, question about the armor system in Item Revisions

Ok, so, I decided to play BGEE with Item Revisions, Spell Revisions, and SCS. And with Item Revisions, armor has been changed to be more... realistic... I guess is the term. It’s like that old mod Full Plate and Packing Steel, where armor now gives you a dexterity penalty, and some more penalties, in exchange for some resistances.
My question is: How should I... you know... do this?
Is armor made redundant, and should I just give everyone no armor and missile weapons? Or should everyone get leather armor? Or should I give buff boi characters like Minsc and Dorn the heavy armor still?
The main purpose of this post being the question of what characters should I use, and what should I give them?
It’s just that brain can’t seem to figure out how to overcome this new layer of difficulty.
Thanks in advance. :)


  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 2,663
    It really depends.

    If it’s a ranged character like, say... Kivan, then you absolutely don’t want to give them anything that lowers DEX since it’ll hinder their THAC0. For most melee fighters, the sheer AC bonus of full plate generally outclasses light armor for tanking even if they lose any DEX bonuses. And DEX has no effects around the 8-14 range so someone with 14 DEX has no reason not to wear the heaviest armor they can.

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