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Heartwood Ring

AttalusAttalus Member Posts: 156
I have read of a ring called the Heartwood Ring, which, combined with a Nymph's Tear, will give Jaheira extra spell slots. But where they said it would be, behind a panel in the old Bhaal Temple, is a thing called a "Druid's Ring," which has nothing but the useless spell "charm animal". Is this a nerf, or did I mess up somehow? :(


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 7,707
    The heartwood ring is the completed item. You are looking for the "oaken ring" which you combine with the nymph's tear. I believe the old priest in Amkethran gives it to you for defending him from the monk.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,885
    edited February 22
    when you are at the bhaal temple area, the item you are looking for there is:

    the nymph's tear, it should be inside a panel i believe, or inside the ground somewhere, use the TAB key to help you find it

    the heartwood ring can be found here:

    when you get to the town of amkethran, near the bottom of the map a priest will get into a scuffle with a monk, help the priest out and attack the monk, after when that is said and done, tell the priest he is welcome for the help, ( also i think there is a donation option, i would suggest doing so, but not 100% sure if necessary ) when that is all said and done he will give you the heartwood ring

    once you have both of those items bring them to cespenar and he will combine them to make it so the ring actually does something

  • AttalusAttalus Member Posts: 156
    @Thacobell, @sarevok57 Thanks, a bunch! There is some bum info out there

  • LuthivarLuthivar Member Posts: 5
    Is it usable by shamans, btw? As it would make sense...

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