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0po0ia0po0ia Member Posts: 13
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So I've got a suggestion guys, and this may sound snide but I think it's warranted. Let's undo ALL the changes that were put into NWN EE except for adding in the client based server list, undo everything. The graphical improvements that were put into the game are NOT worth the lag that comes along with it. I literally have to go to the lowest graphics settings, which look WORSE than what they did in 1.69 and I STILL cannot play the game in multiplier, and neither can a lot of other people. I've made posts on the bugs website that I was told too but I think they're inundated with complaints about crashes and other things. Seriously this is a problem, I'd like to play my favorite game again. The lag that people are experiencing isn't due to anyone's hardware being insufficient, it's that the game runs inefficiently. Why can I play 1.69 NWN or any other game with infinitely better graphics and not have lag. Please explain this to me. I know I'm coming off as a jerk right now but this is retarded, I didn't spend 40$ on two copies of this game to have it end up being so riddled with problems that it isn't playable in multiplayer, which is all I care to play.

If someone could let me know that this is being worked on I'd be very happy, hell even lie to me, I don't care. Just tell me that it's going to be fixed.

Please do testing online on servers that have players on them, I promise you that you'll experience lag(FPS DROP AND LATENCY) that RUINS the game.


  • 0po0ia0po0ia Member Posts: 13
    Here are just a few screenshots I saved from a few minutes ago of players on Bastions of War, the server has 12 people online and many of them are experiencing lag that they wouldn't have experienced in 1.69. Granted the graphical improvements aren't such that you'd expect a substantial FPS drop, and ESPECIALLY so if all of those new quirks were turned off.

    I see these complains from players everyday when I log on for an hour or two.
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    Click the Advanced button inside Video Settings, and uncheck all of four of the Enhanced Edition graphical changes. I've noticed that they cause lag on Mac so just disable them and things run smooth.
  • 0po0ia0po0ia Member Posts: 13
    I've already unchecked all of that stuff, I literally alllllll my settings turned off or they're at the absolute lowest they can be. I've noticed that I can play on Bastions of War without any lag, UNTIL someone brings out a faeire dragon or a pixie with a sparkle VFX, though still the lag I experience isn't anywhere near as bad as when I'm playing on a server like Badlands or Dungeon Eternal X. I'm not entirely sure why that is.
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