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What do you want to see in a BG2 stream?

To all Baldur's Gate II players and the gaming community in general.

The main issue I have with all of the BG2 videos I can find is there's always an ungoldly amount of pausing, which especially is not needed when only controlling 1 character, that's the main thing that would entertain me. No pausing would best capture the epic mage duels and fights in the game and make it the most entertaining it can be.

I'm looking for some preferences from potential viewers. Soon I will be starting a regular twitch stream and then uploading the game clips to youtube in a Baldur's Gate 2 Legacy of Bhaal Solo run. And I'm wondering what people would like to see in it. Some questions I have are about what specifics you would care about or would add/take away from the enjoyment?

-Does it really matter to you how much my character is stacked? (I plan to keep him reasonably limited.) -Does it matter what my character's class is? Would it be more entertaining if I was the weirdest most uncommonly played class or build? -Would you prefer I read the dialague aloud, take the time for you, the viewer, and myself, to read it quietly, or should I focus purely on gameplay. -I plan to disable any pausing hotkeys so I will be forced to do full real-time fast paced battles. I'm thinking that will make it more entertaining. -During the fast paced battles I plan to call out every ability/spell/maneuver to explain my strategy, would you prefer that, or would you prefer that I roll the baddies without any commentary? Let me know. The More feedback I get, the better.



  • inkblowoutinkblowout Member Posts: 49
    Personally I'd prefer a Baldur's Gate stream (both 1 and 2) to be vanilla as possible. Because half the time people just load in 10 bags of holding and instantly I get turned off by the stream, either that or they put in so many mods that I cannot even keep track of which also doesn't make it fun.

    And play what you feel like, personally the weird builds may be fun at first. I'd research a class that is good in the long run as well because if you have fun, the viewer will have fun also. As for the dialogue you are better off letting the viewer read it but summarize afterwards because if someone doesn't get it... you can always "help" the viewer get it. The imfamous BG youtuber "mynameisnotlilly" (who did a wild mage trilogy playthrough) did a great job with this.

    As for the fights do what you want to do as well. I like real time but I also like huge pauses to hear what tactics will be played out.

    That's all I really have but GL on the streams in the future. :smile:

  • HenryNYHenryNY Member Posts: 42
    BG2, solo, LoB, no pausing, real-time combat.... No idea how you avoid getting killed many times in many dungeons with insanely (thanks to LoB) powerful enemies...

    All that sounds to me like you were planning to turn BG2 into a FPS game with an unholy godly mode switched on.

    It also sounds to me like you were planning to turn BG2 into the equivalent of Diablo 2, which was the most popular hack&slash real-time online game in the era of original BG1.

    I'll be interested in watching at least a sample/intro video if I can get a link to it.

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