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Steam 2.5 Patch --- Am I missing something?

Okay, either I'm going crazy and reading the note on the steam launcher wrong, or it didn't actually install. I got the download yesterday and was instantly intrigued to go in and see the new stuff, the Shaman especially, but then when I go to create a new character... The Shaman is no where to be found.

I figured, oh, maybe I modded the game at some point and it's buggy, I'll just reinstall it. A couple hours later... same thing.

Am I totally reading wrong and the patch *doesn't* include the Shaman, or has my game screwed up somehow and I'm just not seeing anything?


  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 734
    edited May 2018
    The patch does indeed include the Shaman kit class. Steam should be updating the game, as both the main and beta branches include the new patch. Can you confirm that your game is running version v2.5.16.3? Also, make sure that the character you are rolling is either a Human, Half-Elf, or Half-Orc, as those are the only races that have access to the Shaman kit class.

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    And remember that Shaman is not a kit, but a class.

  • EndricaneEndricane Member Posts: 2
    I'm really not sure what the issue was, but after I made this post, I uninstalled the game again and had it install on my other harddrive and everything is as it should be. Moved it over to my secondary drive again and.... it's still fine.

    There had to be some weird ghost in the system that stayed when I deleted the folders originally, because there was the cdtweak program installed on my original game before the patch. Some hidden files somewhere that got overwritten when I moved the install directory.

    Huh. Anyway. Thanks.

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