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Hexxat's Request ToB, have Casque of Entrapemnt, how to get to Lich's Labrynth

bp2020bp2020 Member Posts: 1
So I talked to Cabrina in Zekee's Tavern and got the Casque of Imprisonment, but I don't remember where/how I'm supposed to get to the Lich's labrynth to trap him. I'm to the point now where the Militia in Amkethran is hostile and I'm supposed to go kill Balthazar. Can I still get to Hexxat's quest? If so, how/where? Thanks!

I should mention, I talk to Hexxat and nothing happens. I'm in a multiplayer game, my wife's been playing Hexxat and I'm playing the main character.


  • ShadowcranShadowcran Member Posts: 11
    edited May 2018
    Graveyard. Go right as you enter, Hexxat will start her theatrics once you reach the correct one, which is 2nd if I recall. Hidden wall there, up to you to find it as I won't spoil it. She must be in your party to do this and since she's the best thief in the game, why not use her? If it's talking to her not triggering support.

    The Hexxat quest will have one other thing making you scratch your head after it's over. It takes a while before the end part comes. Just wait and do something else in the meantime. Shopping for gem bags, scroll cases(you can also use these to store notes and the like), and all storage things you can find will pay big dividends later so there's some time spent there.. Don't just use Hexxat's limited bag of Holding, find where the rest are. Check every shop you can.

    Had to edit. I originally said go left, when I meant right. East and west cause the same problems for me. Hope I caught you in time.

  • HenryNYHenryNY Member Posts: 42
    The answer is not Graveyard.

    After the dialog with Cabrina, Hexxat will immediately initiate a separate dialog with you, asking if you are ready to go right away. If you say you are not, she will ask you to talk to her again whenever you are ready, and she urges you to go quickly. That's how I continued with the quest.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the main story line. It's a completely unrelated and completely optional side quest. You are never required to visit this tavern. And before you reach the end of the game with no turning back, you can always choose to come here and decide if you want to trigger the quest.

    How did your dialog with Cabrina end, do you remember?

    In case I misunderstood you, you might already have been near the end of her quest line. If that is the case, you'd only need to travel with her to a remote location (back and forth if necessary) and try to rest. You will then immediately reach the very end of her quest line, where her fate will be sealed based on your choice of dialog options. Yes, it's you, not her, not any other being, who will actually decide her fate, even though the game might appear otherwise to you.

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,571
    You need to talk to her (using the talk button at the bottom of your screen).

  • HenryNYHenryNY Member Posts: 42
    Arunsun said:

    You need to talk to her (using the talk button at the bottom of your screen).

    Already said, “I talk to Hexxat and nothing happens.”

    I guess this might be related to MP mode. I’d make a save and load it in single player mode and see how it goes.

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