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Anyone Know How To Hook Into Unlimited Ammo Property?

I want to modify the ammunition or effects fired when NWN ranged weapon property Unlimited Ammunition fires. Does anyone know how to get into this system? Is the Ammo an item template I can track down? Is there a pre-baked script I can dig into?

Thanks in advance


  • FreshLemonBunFreshLemonBun Member Posts: 751
    Yes the item is a template. You can find the list in your 2da file called iprp_ammocost, each property has a column for arrows, bolts, and bullets. These columns reference the blueprint that is used to create the unlimited ammunition.

    For example you could add a row and then in arrows add "my_template_arrow" and then in the toolset you create an item with the resref and tag "my_template_arrow" and name it whatever you want. The properties that you add to the new arrow will be used for your unlimited item property version.

  • WhitegraveWhitegrave Member Posts: 37
    I appreciate the insight

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