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PP% required for shops

Is there a list of the PP % required for shops? I've seen the question asked but not answered.

As an example
Straight out of the Dungeon, Yoshimo doesn't have enough skill to steal from Galoomp or Lady Yuth. However Jan with 100% is fine


  • RidcullyRidcully Member Posts: 69
    Just to add a couple that I've now tested

    Ust Natha shops fail at 155 but seem Ok at 175
    Underdark - both Carlig and Therngle seem OK at 175 as well. Lower scores not tested

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,346
    There is a difficulty % rule applied to every store, behind the curtains. You can check it via dltcep or nearinfinity by editing store (.sto) files. I suspect the difficulty % is substracted from the thief's pp score, or at least makes it likely to fail. Some shops are harder to steal from, (have correspondingly high difficulty attached) you need much more than a mere %100 in pp for those. Potions of thievery, mind focusing, perception etc. help.

    Also revised thievery component from rogues rebalancing or song/silence (don't remember which) helps alleviate the problem of being caught while stealing.

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