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Installing SCS on BG:EE

Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
Hi all.
My apologies for making a thread for this as I'm sure it's been asked a million times before.

I'm struggling to install scs onto my bg:ee game.
I've read over these forums and everything points towards BWS, Big world fixpack, etc etc, and I have tried these but with no success (for about 5 hours last night :/ ).
To me it seems BWS is massive overkill for what I want to achieve. I do not mean to diminish the efforts people have gone to to create such tools - It's an amazing community to have things like that.
However I have only a handful of mods I want to install.
I have a few of my own, just custom items.
I want to install 'diff tweak', so i can have a kind of LoB 'light' difficulty.
And I'd like SCS for the improved AI and smarter enemies.

Can any of you kind souls talk me through how I can do this?

I've tried installing SCS on it's own, and it tells me i'm missing the 'initialise' component.

I've tried installing bws but it says i need the fixpack - I install the fixpack then it says something else is missing.

I'm really just looking for the most basic, WEIDU method of installing scs onto bg:ee.

Thanks in advance :)


  • Luke93Luke93 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,312
    edited May 2018
    Take a look here ->

    Everything should work fine even if you don't want to install Spell Revision...

  • Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
    Thanks so much for the swift response!

    I will try this as soon as I'm infront of my computer, fingers crossed!

  • Zendog7Zendog7 Member Posts: 29
    Dude this totally worked, and with ease.. thankyou so much!

    For anyone interested, I made sure I had a fresh install of bg:ee, including backing up and then deleting all the folders where saves and portraits are kept etc.
    Then installed, in this order:
    Custom items
    More style for mages
    Diff_Tweaks (all enemies are have a +/-2 bonus to THAC0, AC and saves, 1 extra APR, 200% HP)

    It is making for a really enjoyable early game so far, playing on insane. Ankhegs have over 120HP for example. It's not so tough as to be ridiculous, but it is perfectly recreating the sense of danger the sword coast presented back when we were all noobs and didn't know wtf we were doing the first time we left Candlekeep.

    Highly recommend this to anyone who wants an increased challenge with SCS, but doesn't want the craziness (think Candlekeep rats) of LoB difficulty.
    I also understand that I can run Diff_Tweaks mid-game, so if I feel my '+2' enemies are too tough/weak, that can be altered accordingly.

    Happy adventuring!

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