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Shaman Script in IWD:EE

RavelRavel Member Posts: 139
Is there a Shaman script for IWD:EE or can I import ones from BG:EE? I mostly just want him to start his dance once he's standing idle.


  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 804
    I don't believe you can copy over a script from BG:EE, since the only scripts made to handle shamans are the advanced AI scripts, and those are heavily dependent on the games they are made for. I've made a very simple shaman control script if you are interested; it should mostly do what you want it to.

    Here are the HotKeys:
    Press S to toggle the script on and off.
    Press D to toggle whether the Shaman will dance if there are no enemies around (he will always dance if there are enemies around, if the script is on).

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