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IWDEE Steam achievement question

Does anyone know when you have to set the difficulty on Heart of Fury to be certain to get "Master Tactician"?
I created my character, started the game and then changed it to Heart of Fury right after the initial conversation. Is this fine, or is it already to late and should I have done it before starting the game? I have been playing for a few hours and would prefer not to start over unless it is really necessary...


  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 234
    I'm pretty sure you need to set it before starting the game. I played through it the way you did (setting the difficulty after starting) and it didn't pop. You could always run through the rest of the game though and once you finish it, start a new game with the difficulty already changed, and console your way to the end. That way you really only have to replay the final fight.

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