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merchant glitch. buy items and replenish infinite times (

hellwalker31hellwalker31 Member Posts: 9
well today i started a f/m from bg:sod (EE) import today. i escaped dungeon and used some gold cheats (actually typed 1m and pressed give gold) to have easy gold and visited Ribald. I bought some items and closed the buy/sell screen and checked ribald's shop again ta da..... str girdle again... well tried on a few things to find it how dat happened... and now i got 6 belts for everyone in da party... Now I ' m gonna share the trick.
1) Talk with merchant and go to buy / sell screen.
2) Buy items what you want
3) While on your buy/screen go to your inventory page directly. Arrange ur items on ur paperdoll or something
4) While on your inventory press "ESC"
5) Do the same thing with 1st step.... and here u get the infinite loop. The items u bought from merchants should be replenished
DO NOT press "DONE" at buy/screen or u cant replenish the items again :) Because if u exit the merc shop screen with pressing done, game thinks the items are sold. but if u dont press done and directly go to ur inventory screen and escape to gameplay screen, it doesnt think the items are sold so replenishes.

In fact I got this replenish thing sometimes but never wondered why happened so i thought i should give my try to find it out this trick in this idea so without cheat i can get items many times. AHAHAHA

Hell yeah :) Happy shoppings


EDIT: Tried on the most shops like deidre ribald and rest... IT WORKS..... (

So if u want to u can think me, hug me while saying "tx bro", send me some money as donation for my beer and food expenses or send me kiss (only girls :tongue: ) lemme know.


  • Oswald81Oswald81 Member Posts: 23
    I have noted the same glitch, sorta weird running around with multiple Firetooths and such. As for the gold-cheat. You don't need that, you can just create a thief, give him or her about 150 in pickpockets and send him or her out to steal from a fence for infinate gold. Could be cool running around with a few great items, but it only weirded me out. I prefer to keep my codes for the romance-stuff.

  • hellwalker31hellwalker31 Member Posts: 9
    edited May 2018
    yeah i know... but typing is much faster. so if i get infinite gold at end, cheating for gold is not really cheating in fact. right? well at the start of the game, i mean just after escaping irenicus's dungeon all my party has 19 str belt, helm of balduran, boots of speed, balduran's plate, robe of vecna, gauntlets of ac3... Even just now since i am a berserker/mage i slayed kangaxx and all my party has 2 rings of gaxx :D Well with this glitch u can duplicate items also quite easy... And no cheat, no type coding etc... But still no fun, but this is just my millionth finish of the game... I dont mind

    Edit: I am a Berserker/Mage (I call it Bersage) who has 19 stats each (starting with 95 total stats, ring of human inf now, importing from bg1 after reading all the tomes etc) , have Aerie for romance and Haer Dalis in my party so 3 arcane casters. So I can read many many scrolls for free and since i have 19 int now i can forget and re memorize spells infinite times after buying them again via this glitch. So Infinite gold brings infinite XP also ;)

  • Oswald81Oswald81 Member Posts: 23
    edited May 2018
    At 2.5 you can just add 100.000 gold just like that, too bad about no item glitch. And Balduran's armour is nifty when shopping but little else the Heart is better, same with that armour you get from Firkraag.

    I tend to just run a party of Myself (halfing swashbuckler), Anomen (I love for undead to go splat), Jaheira (love her romance, but she has lousy saving-throws.), Korgan (only proper tank in the game, and likes that he can go berserk ignoring most if not all the nasty stuff), Nalia then Imoen (not very powerful I know, but I like them girls) and at last Jan (I like me traps). If I were to powerrgame I would likely add Edwin or bother doing the research on Wild Mages. And likely leave Jaheira behind and add a custom made warrior/cleric with better use of his weapon profiencies than Ano.

  • hellwalker31hellwalker31 Member Posts: 9
    edited May 2018
    ano is best at melee cleric (two warhammers, holy power, righteous, draw upon, HSLA defense spells... becomes godly), keldorn with carsomyr+GWW is best, MC becomes tank anyway with all stats 19 (berserker/mage), protection spells, black sword spell and tenser's with quarter staff grandmastered, got aerie for romance this time (only bad side is low con) as a backup, imo for both thieving skills & sister. mazzy for halfling two longswords(black razor+answerer or angurdaval, game is based on longswords actually.) ... quite a "good party" whose MC becomes at end of SoA :)
    With this setup, they slay melissan really too fast. Gimme like 3-5 seconds. I solo bosses anyway with staff of magi + improved haste but yet need keldorn for his dispelling and true sight.
    I also suggest Sarevok dualed at 21 to thief just for evil carsomyr so dual dispellin sword. The game really becomes absurdly easy

  • HenryNYHenryNY Member Posts: 42
    edited May 2018

    I also suggest Sarevok dualed at 21 to thief just for evil carsomyr so dual dispellin sword. The game really becomes absurdly easy

    Sarevok may end up being a level 21 fighter and a level 21 thief.

  • Oswald81Oswald81 Member Posts: 23
    How do you dualwield a two-handeded sword?

  • HenryNYHenryNY Member Posts: 42
    Oswald81 said:

    How do you dualwield a two-handeded sword?

    By simply putting the sword in your left weapon slot, provided that you are allowed to use the weapon.

    You can only dual wield a 2h weapon.

    Note: that has nothing to do with the dual wielding weapon style, which applies to 1h melee weapons only: check the in game description and you’ll know it.

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