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Can I use the music from the Bioware titles outside of the game for youtube stuff?

SneilSneil Member Posts: 1
Sorry, perhaps not the right section to be asking this question, but am I able to use the music from the Bioware titles on my YouTube channel as background music? I won't be selling/redistributing etc for any profit, just to use as simple background music on youtube. However youtube has cracked down heavily on copyright infringements, so do I run the risk of anyone filing a copyright complaint? Did Beamdog buy all rights and now own all Bioware content?


  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    edited May 2018
    I'm not aware of the exact details but as far as I know parts of the rights are still BioWare, and Beamdog only got limited options onto those (hence why they couldn't, for instance, modify too much of original content).

    Usually fair use boils down to "Do you hurt someone's wallet?" and arguably in this situation, it hurts no wallet, so long as you credit the songs. So I guess you should be fine.

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