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[Fixed] nw_g0_conversat not fired on door anymore (difference between v1.69.8109 and v74.8172)

prwoprwo Member Posts: 69
edited June 2018 in Builders - Scripting
I noticed a deviation in the default behaviour of door/placable conversation scripts between v1.69.8109 and v74.8172 (and probably versions before):

Given the setup:
  • There is a door which has a conversation assigned to it.
  • The door is locked.
  • In the OnFailToOpen Script of that door the PC is assigned to start a conversation with that door:
    void main()
        object oPC = GetFirstPC();
        object oDoor = OBJECT_SELF;
        AssignCommand(oPC, ClearAllActions());
        AssignCommand(oPC, ActionStartConversation(oDoor));
The expected behavior would be:
  • When the PC clicks the locked door, the OnFailedToOpen script would fire.
  • The OFO script makes the PC start a conversation with the door.
  • Since the door has no own onConversation event, the default nw_g0_conversat will fire, which in turn calls BeginConversation()
  • The conversation assigned to the door will start.
This worked fine in v1.69.8109, but does not work anymore in v74.8172 (and probably version before).
Apparently nw_g0_conversat is no longer fired for doors (and I assume placeables too), so the dialog will never start.

If you change the direction of the conversation, so that the Door starts the conversation with the PC, the dialog launches as expected.

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