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[MOD] Change your Robe in a Yiffy!

fortysevenfortyseven Member Posts: 64
edited May 2018 in General Modding
I would like to share a small mod I made that allows changing clothes in-slot by simply clicking an ability in the use item menu. I got the idea from the "More Styles for Mages" mod by @Pecca. But there you have to go into the inventory each time and re-equip the robe in the new look after using the create item ability from the robe you had been wearing. It also has an annoying soundeffect that is hardcoded into the opcode.

With my mod this is now much more smooth and fun. You can now change your robe look at the flick of a button while it makes a nice swooshing cape sound, all without needing to use the inventory. The robe that is included is a place holder to showcase the mod that most people probably don’t want to use. So if you would like to apply my idea to other robes or armor feel free to do so. The robe I have included also has no color set of its own so its appearance will depend on your character’s color choices (the leather, armor and metal bits can all be altered with EE Keeper to make some really cool appearances)

The mod doesn’t add any abilities that make your character more powerful but it is cool for role playing purposes. For example, have you ever felt like you wanted to raise your cloak’s hood when it’s raining? Or maybe you wanted to conceal your character’s face? Or take off your cape when you are inside? No problem, just click the robe change button in the use item menu and it’s done.

I apologise that this mod isn’t more ambitious as I have not applied this feature to the pre-existing robes. However, I don’t use the stock robes very often but still wanted to share this as I have found it quite fun to use. Should there be demand I can still apply this feature to the standard robes.

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