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Where to begin modding BG2:EE today?

Lazlo_ArcadiaLazlo_Arcadia Member Posts: 73
Ok guys, I'm trying to get my head around where to start modding BG2:EE today. I'm not speaking so much of which mods are good, updated or what load order is best, I've found a mountain of information on those topics. Rather as I've gone a bit deeper I'm running across references to Weidu and articles on how files have to be modified from a dos command level to get mods to work at all.

It is at this level that I'm looking now. As I'm building my mod pack I want to ensure it will run smoothly, however all of the articles I'm seeing for these baseline mods are frequently offering conflicting information or are several years old.

I am not an IT Tech nor computer science major and have found some of the articles to basically be written in Chinese (metaphorically) thus what I'm asking is how does an average layman get mods to work these days?


  • Lazlo_ArcadiaLazlo_Arcadia Member Posts: 73
    I took a look at the article for modmerge, and can honestly say I've no idea how to do what it was suggesting. After reading over it a couple of times I was like, "Yep....I got nothing"

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,599
    Read all the tutorials out there in regards to making a mod is a good start. As for a mod to start with? Do a store mod. Its simple and you will learn to do some of the easier things in modding like make items to sell (ITM file), make a store (STO file), make a store clerk (CRE file) and simple dialogs (DLG file). One of the first mods I made was a store mod and after that, more complicated types of mods.

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