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Bug with Faldorn and Archdruid (Amarande)

ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,950
I am not sure this is part of the vanilla or NPC project.

Faldorn can get charged by Amarande with the mine destruction and when coming back he asks her to report. Sometimes she gets her reward but sometimes he cannot reply (NO VALID REPLY OR LINKS(or some such).
I have done this without Jaheira. Post Jaheira shadow druid rescue quest it has worked/not worked as well.
Any ideas?

BGEE & SoD V2.3 NPCproject 22.8


  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 400
    edited March 2017
    It's not vanilla - in vanilla the archdruid doesn't really have much to say besides his introductory statement.

    IIRC, the only difference between having Faldorn vs. not having Faldorn (no Jaheira of course), is that normally, if you respond with the non-hostile dialogue choice, the Arch-Druid, sans Faldorn, will simply walk out of the stairs and be gone forever. With Faldorn, he will mention her presence and then will just remain standing there, but not have anything new to say as far as I remember.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 3,950
    edited March 2017
    @Gallenger That is what I was thinking.

    One mod, either, BGNPC, BGUB, or something has been added the following, just does not always spawn.

    Faldorn can introduce the other party members and she tells him she can get them to help destroying the mine. He tells her to check back afterwards and he might revise his opinion of her and them (he stays).

    When returning, I can send Faldorn back up to see him. He tells her to report. She gives the successful drowning of the mine report and he responds with 'Let the new alliance be forged', Faldorn talking him into letting her and the party go after the Iron Thone in BG and finish them off. He rewards her with a special shield( esp for druids).
    Just for some reason he gives the 'NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" and sometimes rewards.

    Edit: Checked it a few different ways as game autosaved right after killin Davey down below.
    Hard to duplicate.
    From autosave:
    1. Did same thing again and it worked.
    2. left CW area first and came back, worked
    3. pre CW dream, worked
    4. leave cw, lower or higher rep, worked

    Just seems to be a bug that occasionally shows (happened to me on and off) with Amarande knowing if mines were flooded or not ( I guess). Would like to see the code on this.

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  • Very_BigSwordVery_BigSword Member Posts: 132
    I did this quest and got the reward, came back to the tree house in Chapter 7, got the shield reward again. A bit useless since the item is druid only but all is not well with this component. ( A bit necro, but this result was recent)

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