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No power-ups in sequencers?

I am trying to play through Black Pits 2 again, and my party has a since cleric/illusionist to act as a support caster for the heavy front line. I am not a great spell-caster, as I find them too fiddly to micromanage, but figured I could put all the party boosts like haste and prot-evil 10' radius into my various spell sequencers. Certainly, I am allowed to place them in there, but when I activate the sequencer, I am asked for a target (even when loaded with caster-only spells like mirror image and blur), so pick myself (the caster), and then the spells are simply not cast and the sequencer is used up.

Is this the expected behavior? A long-since fixed bug that I am stuck with playing the 1.3 release (latest on my platform)? A known issue waiting to be resolved?

In the meantime, is there anything useful I can do with sequencers other than load up on offensive spells?


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