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what wands are useful late tob ?

So i thinking about continue my solo bard adventure, but idk what wands should be useful later on, or are there any chance to use them against bosses.


  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 582
    I find that wand of cloud kill is still useful if you have multiple party members using them to spam cloud kill. I used it in Sendai's lair a few times. Sometimes a wand of monster summoning can still be helpful to spam some meat shields quickly. They are not nearly as useful as they are in Baldur's Gate and early SOA but they can still be used. Wands of reversal and wands of spell striking are very nice end game items. Other than that, you will have to lower magic resistance and cast greater malison to even have a chance for most of the others to be useful. If you play on LOB mode, it increases enemy levels so that will effect how good their "saves" are. Wands will be less useful on that difficulty mode.

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