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Why i cant continue in heart of winter after the last fight of icewind dale ?

I just finished the first part and i realize this game is a fraud , impossible to play the extension with the same team.


  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 2,644
    Bad game design.

    You have to do HoW during Icewind Dale, then Trials of the Luremaster and just then finish the main campaign.

    Same happens with Baldur's Gate and the content for Watcher's Keep / Tales of the Sword Coast.

  • Cabal82Cabal82 Member Posts: 49
    edited July 11
    Or you can import your party to fresh start of the expansion only game. I wanted to play it chronologically (As per icewind dale 2 books), but that means to play ID, import party to HoW and after that AGAIN import party to HoW and play only Trials of the Luremaster.

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