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The Equalizer? What's so great about it?



  • borntodieborntodie Member Posts: 125

    It used to apply its alignment bonus damage on every hit regardless of which weapon made it, but I do believe that's fixed.

    wha.. what? Nooooo...

    This is so sad. I was just planning to actually use this weapon, but this "fix" pushes the sword from just barely having a niche use into absolute garbage tier.

    Imo it makes no sense. How can this be considered a bug, while belm/kundane adding a main hand attack is a "feature"? And since nearly everyone was already picking belm/kundane over the equalizer, this `fix` was bad for game balance, too.

  • ArthasArthas Member Posts: 483
    edited July 11
    A shame Blackmist sucks so bad to sacrifice precious silver eggs. Doubt item revision improves it enough to make it worth it.

    ITem randomiser makes it possible to find good stuff from the demon lord..

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